Study Abroad Programs: Why You Should Enroll

Uncategorized / September 18, 2012

Studying abroad is an option offered to many students pursuing a higher education, however, only a select few actually seize the opportunity to continue their studies in America, China, Russia, or some other foreign country. While some students like to say studying abroad is too costly, there are tons of scholarships that can help cover the entire cost of a semester abroad (or at least partial). That said, finances shouldn’t be what hinders you from exploring a new environment.  Instead, you should concentrate on all of the positive experiences a study abroad program can bring forth which are conveniently listed below.

You Gain Life Experience. First and foremost, one of the most advantageous reasons for enrolling in a study abroad program is gain life experience. Think about it: You’ll get to explore a country for an extended period of time that you might not be able to otherwise. Since you’ll travel alone (without your family) you can gain a sense of independence getting around the city, make friends that can open your eyes to a new world, as well as build a slew of memories that will last you a life time. And since you’ll actually get so experience events outside of a textbook, it can definitely help expose you to a new culture as well as help you appreciate your own.

You can Perfect a Language. If there is a foreign language that you’re trying to master, studying abroad in a country where that language is spoken can actually help you learn the language faster and more accurately.  That’s because you’ll be immersed in an environment where learning the language is a necessity—you’ll have to learn quickly how to effectively communicate in the language so you can order food and ask for directions for example.  So if you’re really interested in perfecting a particular language, studying abroad in a non-English speaking country can accelerate the process.

It’s a Resume Booster. Lastly, those who study abroad are also typically seen as more “worldly” which can really be a useful character trait once you start applying for jobs.  Employers appreciate applicants that have an appreciation for other cultures and have experienced a different part of the world, especially employers who directly relate with international affairs. That said, listing you studied abroad program on your resume can definitely give you a competitive edge in the job market.

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