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MicroScience Workstation

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The ideal teaching resources pack for Chemistry, Biology and Physics. This is a brand new Microscience Kit which encompasses a large portion of the Year 10 (Key Stage 3 & 4) Practical Curriculum. This kit is designed for individual use or for use in small groups. Curriculum based worksheets and guides are available. Click the more information button below to see the full scope of the workstation. The system is recognised by curriculum and examination authorities.

To support The workstation you require the additional chemicals pack matched to the KS3 and KS4 curriculum.

MicroScience Chemicals pack KS3

MicroScience Chemicals pack KS4

Product Code: EDU-131.

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  • Key Stage 3: 11 to 14 yrs
  • Key Stage 4: 14 to 16 yrs

Experiments that can be performed with this kit include:

  • Gas preparation and testing
  • Electrolysis
  • Distillation and refluxing (including steam distillation)
  • Heating of chemicals and testing the gases evolved
  • Rates of reaction including reactions catalysed by enzymes
  • Quantitative chemistry including titrations; molar volumes and gravimetric analysis
  • Preparation of salts
  • ‘Test-tube’ experiments
  • Separating the components of mixtures
  • Electrical circuits
  • Food testing
  • Simulation of osmosis and other phenomena


The action of catalase on hydrogen peroxide. The action of amylase on starch. The action of amylase on starch over a period of time. The effect of temperature on the activity of the amylase. The effect of pH on the activity of amylase. The effect of rennin on milk. The effect of bromelin on gelatine. Benedict's test for reducing sugar. Benedict's test for a non-reducing sugar. Iodine test for starch. Iodine test for cellulose. Emulsion test. The grease spot test. Biuret test for proteins. Plant and enzyme studies and many more activities.


Materials and their properties - mixtures. Acids & bases. Patterns of behaviour - metals. Materials & their properties - useful products from oil. Materials and their properties - rates of reaction. Materials and their properties - the periodic table. Materials and their properties - useful products from air. Materials and their properties - energy transfer in reactions. Materials and their properties - useful products from ores and rocks. Chemical equilibrium. Organic chemistry. Miscellaneous.


To identify different forms of energy and carry out simple experiments to show the following energy conversions: A: Chemical energy to electrical energy to heat energy. B: Electrical energy to magnetic energy to kinetic energy. C: Light energy to electrical energy to kinetic energy. To investigate and describe the expansion of solids, liquids and gases when heated, and contraction when cooled.


To grow crystals using alum or copper sulphate. To separate mixtures using a variety of techniques: filtration, evaporation, distillation and paper chromatography. A: Filtration B: Evaporation C: Filtration and evaporation D: Distillation E: Paper Chromatography. To investigate the pH of a variety of materials using the pH scale. To prepare a sample of oxygen by decomposing H202 using MnO2 as a catalyst (word equation and chemical equation). To prepare carbon dioxide (word equation and chemical equation) and show that it does not support combustion. To conduct a qualitative experiment to detect the presence of dissolved solids in water samples, and test water for hardness (soap test). Dissolved solids. Water hardness. To titrate HCI against NaOH, and prepare a sample of NaCI. To investigate the reaction between zinc and HC, and test for hydrogen. (word equation and chemical equation). To carry out an experiment to demonstrate that oxygen and water are necessary for rusting.

The Micro Science Kit contains the following items:

  • Anti-Bumping Granules x1
  • Battery 1.5v x2
  • Battery 9v x1
  • Battery holder (2 cell) x1
  • Bulb 3.5v x3
  • Bulb6v x3
  • Bulb Holder x3
  • Comboplate x1
  • ComboStill Adaptor Bung x1
  • ComboStill large bottle + Lid x1
  • ComboStill Metal Stand x1
  • ComboStill Retort Arm x1
  • ComboStill Rubber Stoppers x2
  • ComboStill small bottle + Lid x2
  • Condenser x1
  • Connecting Red Wire x 10cm
  • Connector for 9v cell x1
  • Copper Strip 20cm
  • Copper Strip 8cm
  • Crocodile Clips & Leads x4
  • Current Indicator LED x1
  • Gas Collection Tube + Lid x6
  • Glass Beads in Bottle x1
  • Glass Combustion Tube x2
  • Glass Fusion Tube x1
  • Glass Rod x1
  • Goggles x2 pairs
  • Ignition Tube x1
  • Ignition Tube Metal Holder x1
  • Lidl x5
  • Lid 2 x5
  • Lids for vials x5
  • Lids with hole for large vial x6
  • MJcroburner x1
  • Microfitter Funnel + Filter Papers to fit x 1
  • MicroStand + Boss x2
  • Organoplate x1 set
  • O Ring (Spares) x3
  • Petri Dishes with Lids x4
  • pH Guide x1
  • Pipette 2ml x2
  • Pipette Tips x2
  • Propettes x6
  • Reflux Tube x1
  • Resistance Wire 30cm
  • Resistor 22 ohm x1
  • Resistor 220 ohm x1
  • Resistor 39 ohm x1
  • Silicone Oil x1
  • Silicone Tube with wire 25cm
  • Silicone Tubes 2 x 5cm
  • Solar Cell x1
  • Solar Motor xx1
  • Spatula+Forceps 1 set
  • Springs x6
  • Straw Electrodes x2
  • Syringe 2.5 ml x2
  • Thermometer x1
  • Universal Indicator paper x10
  • pairs Vial, large x6
  • Vial, small x5
  • Wooden Splints x10
  • Clear plastic box x1
  • Yellow Gratnell Tray + Foam Insert x1

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