DNA Fingerprinting Simulation


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DNA Fingerprinting Simulation

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Learning games for kids. DNA Fingerprinting Simulation.

Lab Investigation. Hands-on, inquiry-based simulation of DNA typing! Study the process of DNA fingerprinting, simulating every step without the need for either equipment or even prior knowledge! Using pop bead and other reusable manipulative's, your class will assemble DNA strands and use them in various inquiry-based scenarios to learn about DNA finger-printing and its application to forensics.

Product Code: EDU-16-20-3873

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  • Key Stage 3: 11 to 14 yrs
  • Key Stage 4: 14 to 16 yrs

They'll also discover how this technique can be used in disease identification and in determining familial relationships. In the process, the class will gain a clear understanding of not only DNA fingerprinting but also basic DNA structure and related genetic concepts.

Your children will:

  • Simulate the DNA fingerprinting procedure
  • Compare and evaluate DNA fingerprint patterns
  • Study the applications of the DNA fingerprinting process
  • Gain an understanding of DNA structure and related genetic concepts.

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