Parents To Fill Educational Void If Teachers Strike

Hints and Tips / September 26, 2012

Teachers in England and Scotland are entering a period of turmoil. The English teaching resources are up in arms over the pay scales and revision of their pension plans. The Scots are reacting to their one per cent pay offer. The outcome of these issues looks highly likely will result in strikes which will disrupt the education of hundreds of thousands on school and college students at a time when they need stability the most.

Although the consequences of any strike will be primarily the interruption to the educational progressĀ  of the students there is a hidden alternative; parents will need to fill the gap. Educational support at home can extend beyond tutors. There are a wealth of educational games and teaching resources that can be used to provide ongoing learning beyond the school gate. The practice opportunity this activity produces can be greatĀ  fun for both parties and could entice parents in the schooling processĀ  on a long term basis.

Clearly teachers are unhappy with their lot. Although strike action has not yet been called, teachers and lecturers the length of the country will be discussing the issue at length. A severe distraction from their teaching routines that make spill over into their teaching protocols. If the issue is not resolved, and there is a significant chance that in the current economic environment that is won’t, the subsequent strike action will be devastating to the education of schoolchildren.

Not only will these students, by example, learn the significant disruptive effect that any strike can render but also the consequences of the abandonment of discussion. They will inevitable suffer the consequences more than we can imagine. Having your educational success at exams impeded by reduced teaching content could have a life changing effect on their academic and employment potential. Small wonder parents need to prepare themselves but it could be a fantastically rewarding experience.

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