Are Educational Games the Ideal Travel Companion

Hints and Tips / August 5, 2010

The annual SAT’s, end of year exams, GCSE and A levels are a distant memory.  Time to relax, take off and enjoy the summer holiday.  Playing educational travel games is a great way to have fun during those long journeys by car, train, boat or plane.

Educational travel games are available in many forms.  Playing cards, board games, puzzles and quizzes generally have a huge advantage – no batteries!  Designed by educationalists rather than video game developers the key ingredients are  having fun whilst stimulating the learning process, ideal for bored children and to offset the “are we there yet?”questions.

There are many games to play in the car like I-Spy or the first to spot a truck with a company name beginning with an “A” then successively through the alphabet.   The range of educational games suitable as travel companions has extended over the years perhaps keeping pace with our more extended journeys.  The variety of subjects covered is growing all the time; in fact it is difficult to find a subject in the national curriculum that does not have a travel game associated with it.

The essential benefit of the freedom from school is to allow you time to spend with your family.  Educational games are essentially a fun way to use the time together to include a little learning in disguise and conversation without putting your children in front of video game where they watch in silence.

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