Poor Numeracy Education Leaves Children Unable To Give Change

Opinion / August 21, 2012

At keen2learn we have often condemned successive secretaries of state for education from attempting to solve the significant long-term ills of the educational system whilst in a post with around 18 months tenure. Throwing money at short term initiatives appears the de facto standard.

Over the past 25 years no Secretary’s of State for Education has launched a radical long-term plan to improve our educational standards. All must bear some responsibility for our declining performance in schools and exams

Michael Gove at least appears to have accepted the challenge. The new plan is to re-introduce the old GCE schooling syllabus. A bold plan that includes changes of this magnitude is vital to correct the deterioration that has occurred over the past decades. It will be almost criminal for his proposals to be thwarted by political shenanigans that criticise the move yet offer no alternative. We all abhor change, but our schooling system needs to turn a corner – and fast! In the 10 year span pass of our schooling process without change we would still release countless young adults in 2022 into a market that has massively changed from the time when Gove’s detractors applied for their first job. And improved educational qualifications will be absolutely essential in the market.

Colin Smith the chairman of Poundland recently joined the growing criticism of the educational quality of children entering retail employment. As yet another head of a large employer in the retail sector he cited that children could not enter employment without remedial education in literacy, numeracy and social skills to achieve the required minimum benchmark.  This comment has stark undercurrent. Products on sale in Poundland, are, as the name suggest all priced at £1. It is a stark reality that we have children who cannot calculate the total and provide change from £5, £10 and £20 notes.

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