Pay Gap In Schools Is Massive Turnoff

Opinion / November 20, 2017

A pupil sitting in a maths class would probably not care immediately about the head teacher. After all your success or failure is down to the teacher in front of you, not a distant effigy. The Head may actually be running several schools or academies so the chance of any pupil meeting them becomes remote. Achievement in the schooling journey is primarily down to the teachers you meet daily on a face to face basis.

The struggling teacher, often bereft of any budget to support teaching resources, must feel unbelievably isolated from the £200k salary of some academy heads. Such individuals may possess significant leadership skills, and are skilled negotiators. But the average pupil would undoubtedly prefer a highly able and motivated teacher on a decent salary over a petrified teacher that must achieve results based on aggression linked to the school’s performance and the heads bonus.

The same situation occurs when you feel unwell or threatened. The GP, nurse, consultant or policemen are the individuals you most want to meet. Forget the hierarchy, the distant strategists, those heads who earn a fortune and represent an appalling financial comparison with the front line “troops” whom they wish to motivate.

The news the Dean of Bath University has been upgraded by a further £17k on top of her £450k salary and £80k expenses allowance is anathema to the financially struggling under graduates who see their tuition fees and student loans, that will hang like the albatross around this necks being lost to such an excessive salary. The dean’s recent £17k salary increase  represents the total salary of many graduates, and lecturers may earn for many years to come.

There is a groundswell of concern about the exessive salaries enjoyed by the both the commercial and public sector alike. Time for the staggering earning multiples to be addressed as they starve the front line troops and do little to motivate performance.

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