Overseas Students Displacing UK In Elite Schools

Opinion / February 2, 2016

There is some comfort Chinese students are still selecting British schools despite the appalling educational review from the OECD.

The latest OECD review of educational standards has listed our schools in near bottom positions for numeracy and literacy of the 23 nations in the study. Despite this  Chinese, and other overseas students  are still attending our boarding schools in increasing numbers. To to be frank the schools they are selecting are top-flight independent boarding schools. The fees prevent many British children from attending and such schools have therefore become elitist to a large extend. A key negative issue in this scenario is that whilst the overseas students academic achievement may be high their education subsequently lacks direct exposure to different socio-economic groups that prevail in our wide world.

Whilst this may not be high on the list of short-term schooling endeavours many of these students will progress, for whatever reason, to senior positions in politics and commerce. A sound understanding of how the other half live and think would not go amiss in formulating their reasoning powers.

The downside of the overseas attendance at our elite schools is the displacement of British students whose parents find the ever-increasing fees too high. The concept of a British education and its association for overseas candidates to mix with British students then becomes at risk. Ultimately the school could then be based anywhere in the world that offers this standard of academic achievement. And the British content would ultimately disappear.

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