Mobilised Teaching Resources Need Care

Opinion / November 3, 2015

Some time ago we suggested OFSTED reviews should have a proactive outcome. A failing school should receive addition support and guidance rather than castigation.

It is welcome news to hear this concept is to be trialled. Top-flight teachers are to be recruited on a two-year contract and parachuted into struggling schools. As long this sequence does not emulate robbing Peter to pay Paul, the skills of the skilled teacher should be used to support the class as well as provide first hand instruction to the incumbent teacher.

Budgets for the exercise should be born centrally to monitor cause and effect, assuming an auditing facility exists somewhere in the Department for Education. The disadvantage of such schemes are the multifarious outlets that may draw on the arrangement. Academies, free schools and faith schools, as examples, all muddy the approach, as each will have specific needs based on their modus operandi, which could create more complications than conclusions.

We still believe the role of TV in teaching could present a much wider coverage. The top flight teachers being captured on “film” and broadcast nationally through structured viewing and social networks must have greater impact on the schooling process at large rather than the limited face to face approach this new scheme proposes.


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