Maths Games Help Stop Student Turn Off

Opinion / April 5, 2012

One of the critical areas of learning involves maths. This foundational bedrock to all education is often regarded as a chore. Some adults even claim with an element of bravado that they never understood arithmetic. But as jobs become harder to get commercial organisations and further education colleges could well delineate applicants on their ability in mathematics. We need to activate the understanding of maths and there are a number of games for maths that can help turn a maths lesson into fun.

The Education Secretary has also condemned a practice that has become all too familiar in GCSE maths exams. Andrew Hall, Chief Executive of the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) discovered a surge in the number of students taking maths exams early. But their chance of excelling in mathematics exams is being subsequently limited by the reduced study time.  The rationale adopted by the teaching resources involved in the technique centered on the belief that a student with a grade C maths in the can count the points in their total and able to concentrate on other subjects. This educational game has a decided downside leaving the student ill prepared for the ardors of further education where a more profound knowledge in the subject is essential.

Controversy is looming in the government’s plan to engage Universities in setting the GCSE syllabus and examinations. The aim is to ensure relevance and depth of knowledge in a subject area. Something muted by keen2learn some years ago. Yet teachers are currently resisting the move, possibly motivated by the thought of further changes to the system and the closure of a points scoring loop hole in targets. We need educational to be relevant to employment opportunities and at the moment we are letting a staggering number of children and potential employers down.

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