Gove Blows EBC Educational Review Opportunity

Opinion / February 8, 2013

Pity the teaching resources that are now having to reorganise their thoughts resulting from the now abandoned English Baccalaureate Certificate (EBC). This educational landmark, due to save our schooling now seems a “Bridge Too Far” according to Michael Gove, Secretary Of State for Education. It is a stark example of how to get a major strategy wrong. Ignoring the market forces in teachers is a perilous route. Surely should they should have been consulted in the first place. Regretfully the system is still broken and need fixing to prevent a further slide down the international league tables in our educational standards.

The EBC is a no-go but the problem still remains. Clearly the UK educationalists need to regroup and advise the secretary of state what is desirable and possible. But this needs to happen fast as we cannot afford to slip any further. The EBC debacle has cost us all dearly.

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