Educational Success Makes You Look Younger

Opinion / December 9, 2011

Some bright people in scientific research have noticed educational qualifications help people to age less quickly. Conversely people with less academic qualifications tend to age more rapidly. A question of stay bright look young.

It is all to do with our telomeres DNA, which apparently sit at the end of our DNA chromosomes. These chaps help protect the chromosomes from the ageing process. OK it’s only by a small amount but you never know how this could develop. Maybe some day the scientists will discover how to modify theses chromosomes and reverse the aging process.

Anyway if your telomeres are a bit short Grecian 2000 will become your best friend instead. The long telomeres strands that signify educational ability and reduced aging pose a conundrum. Is this modification to the DNA the result of the brighter student helping their development or is it the other way round.

Does the brighter student at university suffer less educational stress, thereby depleting the conventional impact on the aging process? By eating the right food and gaining a well-paid job the brighter student avoids a lot of the stress endured by many lower grade students who fail to find a career easily. At the moment nobody knows. Stephen Holgate from the British Medical Research Council said “Your experiences early in life can have important influences on your health and being educated to a higher level can benefit you more in the job market.”

A further intriguing fact is the slower ageing process is not affected by people’s eventual social and economic status. Andrew Steptoe from University College London who was a researcher on the project said, “We already know from previous research that people from poor backgrounds are prone to age more quickly.” He added “Education is a marker of social class that people acquire early in life and our research suggest that it is long term exposure to the conditions of lower status that promotes the ageing process.”

The key to living longer is to improve your educational achievement. An added bonus to all those children whose teachers and parents are pushing for the best results!

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