Dame Costalot

Opinion / November 30, 2017

The problem that just will not go away. Dame Glynis Breakwell Vice-Chancellor of Bath University (‘Dame Costalot’) has been the focus of the wrong sort of educational news. The continual  condemnation of her grossly inflated salary and conditions package may have convinced her to resign, but on her own inflated conditions. The council of governors who endorsed the package need to look in the mirror in wonderment in their ability to misread the situation.

The almost universal concern of fat-cat pay packages, once promised by Teressa May to be curtailed has instead taken a turn for the worse. As if waving two fingers at the University undergraduates and her detractors nationally, Dame Costalot is to take a years sabbatical on full pay, and expenses oh has been gifted with her company car. It will cost around £600k of the universities precious funds before she eventually throws in the towel in early 2019. Sabbatical year’s allow academics to research, study or travel, to enhance their scope and ability back at base. If you are about to retire or leave your place of work this seems a high questionable venture to employers. Instead of resolving the concern over her overall costs from students and the public the board of  governors have exacerbated the situation, raising a significant question over their level of intelligence.

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