Careers Education To Be Given To Seven Year Old's In School

Opinion / October 29, 2009

Quite the  daftest policy to emerge from the DCSF – after renaming themselves the DCSF. If the recent policy to start schooling at the age of six takes place, then a year later kids in the classroom will be taught to understand what a career is. And make some decisions based on this knowledge . Seven is a tender age full of wonder and  roughly 14 years ahead of when most of them will start a formal career. In our rapidly changing world most of the jobs available today didn’t exist 10 year ago. And in another 10 years the commercial centre of gravity and with it many jobs may well have shifted East.

Selecting subjects  in the National Curriculum appropriate to a career is no more than a bout of educational games. It will create a melange of concern, false hopes and recrimination.

At the moment the vast majority of graduates enter a career where their degree speciality has no operational value. This is of course only of interest to the lucky ones who got into university. This year 150,000 children were denied a place. Perhaps the best piece of careers advise to seven year old’s is plan to join the DCSF.

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