Brexit May Swamp Educational Improvements

Opinion / November 18, 2016

Brexit may have huge trading consequences for the UK and swamp improvements in educational standards. But one massive element of history, which will be seen by schools throughout the UK, is the rise and fall of elitist governments in the UK and the EU

One of the better things to  emerge from the recent governmental concentration on Brexit is the probable reduced focus on education. The new, or should we say latest, secretary of state for education is split between perhaps dreaming up yet another educational initiative  and maintaining her position in the cabinet during the EU conflict.

The value of freedom, so eagerly fought for during two world wars,  appears to be overlooked as the EU hierarchy fight to instigate fiscal retribution on the UK for the audacious Brexit. Schoolchildren are living through an enormous period in history, but it will be decades before anything on Brexit will appear in the history syllabus.

Schoolchildren will be able to learn of the effect of Brexit on the UK and the knock on effect it had on the rest of Europe. The referendum will take schools through the consequences of politically ignoring a country for the sake of a concentration on its capitol. Something now emerging in many countries and in the EU itself.

Education will be largely spared of any upheaval, apart from any review in budgeting.  Being outside the scope of the EU, educational  pan European initiatives has been largely non-existent. Ironically this has not been ideal; many proven continental educational doctrines would have benefited the UK, notably that of Finland, where schooling achievements are considerably higher than the UK.

Deep down the malaise existing in our schools, manifested by the far from ideal academic attainment, and the widening gap in staffing levels will take some time to resolve. This double edged sword will preoccupy Justine Greening who is no doubt also embroiled in Brexit, from issuing too many educational initiatives fired from the hip. This may help ease the pressure on the teaching fraternity, but we have already lost an army of senior educationalists, which will prove difficult to replace. And, like many of her predecessors the tenure of a secretary of state for education is desperately short.


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