A Level Students Who Failed Uni Entrance Learn Resolve

Opinion / August 19, 2010

The results are out. The culmination of a 10 year  educational journey to get to A level standard will be announced today. And a record 200,000 children are to get that sinking feeling when their grades don’t stack up to get a place in university.

The record number of disappointments is a combination of recessionary effects. Universities  had  to cut back the number of places, coupled to an increase  of applicants, who concerned by the level of student unemployment, sought a degree to improve their long term chances.

We have all suffered that sinking feeling when something didn’t go to plan. But a new learning curve is about to start for many of you; what to do next. Many will be lucky to get an alternative place in the clearing process, maybe be a difference course at a different  university. Some will be left  beached, and to those children we offer our wishes  you develop the knowledge, wisdom and resolve to make something else happen. Could be about taking a year out to pursue a dream, return to the treadmill of the sixth form to  improve your grades or seek employment in career you find rewarding.

The greatest opportunity is to realise you have a choice perhaps wider than if you got onto your first choice degree. There are a multitude of clearing helplines at UCAS, BBC and many of the national newspapers. But take a moment to catch your breath, open your eyes and see a dream can emerge from some unexpected quarters – that right up to now you would never have contemplated. Resolve is answer and take look on the bright side; less than 20 per cent of graduates pursue a vocational career in their degree subject area. And you have probably saved an absolute fortune in student debt that would have been hanging around your neck for decades !

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