Brexit Provides Career Opportunities for School Leavers

Opinion / June 28, 2016

Brexit holds some fantastic good news for school leavers and graduates as new job opportunities and careers  emerge. Although not on the national curriculum we can imagine all secondary schoolchildren will become well versed in the meaning of the European Union. It will be difficult to avoid after the furore in the press leading up to the referendum.

The age group that will be the greatest to be affected by the changes are currently in our schools. Too young to vote at the time they will inherit whatever the future holds. The saying ‘seven days is a long time in politics’ could not possibly have been proven so dramatically over the last week.

The ability to witness the whole of Europe galvanised into action to support or condemn the decision for Britain to leave the EU will leave a lasting mark. Even the greatest fiction writer in their latest book could not have originated the political fallout in the UK parliament, political parties, party leaders and a change of Prime Minister.

We cannot be completely sure of what the future holds but must approach it with total optimism. It could well provide our schoolchildren with job and career opportunities undreamt of over the past twenty years. Hope rather than dismay as they enter the adult world.

The pundits say we are short of all manner of personnel and skills that have withered over the decades as we sat back and relied on third parties in Europe. Now is the time for the national curriculum and degree courses to concentrate on qualifications that would support international trade negotiations, trade law, manufacturing skills etc. It would give purpose and opportunity to school leavers and graduates who currently see their lot as falling of the end of the educational conveyor belt straight into the skip.

It could also help produce a new breed of intelligence in all areas of employment that will lead Great Britain to truly become great again. The word for crisis in Mandarin is actually formed from two words; the first means danger, the second means opportunity.



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