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Opinion / August 3, 2017

School holidays, that all too brief period when children can relax, away from the trials and tribulations of end of year tests, exams, and future educational choices.

The next few weeks sees the batteries of teachers being recharged, ready for next years curriculum changes. This is a right of passage inevitability. The only constant is that change will occur. The final judgement being the efficacy of exams results. But these will be scrutinised by the press in great details as the summer months are also a slack news period. Education is an ideal target for press coverage. You can set your clock rather like the 12th August and the start of the grouse shooting season; too high a pass rate is a sign of relaxed marking, too low a pass result – is all down to the teachers. It’s a no win for the teaching profession.

Current affairs will be a highlight of the next year. Guaranteed all pupils will be aware of Brexit and the EU. If they travelled into Europe for the holidays that they will now be intimately aware of what the Schengen agreement means! They will be wondering why, with two years notice, the EU border control guys failed to get sufficient staff to match the increased checks required. If you want an explanation of the Schengen Agreement with all its complexities you can have a look here. 

The school holiday market could suffer a shake up next year. It is expected that many families will not want to suffer a four hour queue to complete immigration control. New locations will be sought and off season holidays, when the queues are shorter and the cost lower will become more interesting.

The effect of Brexit and the Schengen agreement could become an essential element of the curriculum. The cause and effect of such massive strategies would go a long way to educating the next generation. It is they who will inherit and operate the consequences of the machinations of current politicians.

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