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News / November 22, 2015

There is a huge opportunity for parents to give their children a boost at the start of their 15 year school journey. Using early learning educational games to have fun with their children before they go to school gives kids a huge leg up that will help both the child and the primary school teacher throughout primary school . A solid grounding in maths and literacy is vital to prepare them to benefit from a school regime that is not all it should be.


Parents have a vital role to play in a child’s education that will also help the primary school teacher

There are circa 25,0000 primary schools in the UK where approx 200,000 teachers are teaching 8.2 million kids. These incredible numbers are mind blowing when you pitch up at the school gate with little Jill and John. Another staggering thought is around 10,000 teachers a year leave the profession. This results in a constant ebb and flow of good, bad and indifferent teachers. No great shocks; it is the way of the world, but within this turmoil how do you ensure your child gets the very best from the educational system.

The National Curriculum is here to change. A staggering number of educational initiatives flood the staff room of our schools. The U.K. is not alone in this dilemma. A huge number of other first world countries have exactly the same problem. A key element appearing in the exit interview of teachers leaving schools is stress fueled by the constant need to develop new lesson plans to introduce the initiatives and achieve a good mark from the next OFSTED inspection.

In Denmark teachers are striving to reduce some of the stress associated with lesson plans. They are looking at ways of sharing the information and the best teaching techniques. Although there are a number of free and commercial websites that offer “lesson plans” to teachers these still require building into a lesson plan that meet key objectives. This may seem like utopia but there is downside. Many good teachers feel a national teaching plan has a huge drawback, it will stifle teaching creativity and turn the schooling process into a production line. The exodus of the great teacher may therefore accelerate.

There is little many parents feel they can achieve to invoke change except by giving their children a sporting change. And this is where the education games – that have inevitably been developed by teachers to be played at home with young children can provide the bedrock that can last them for all their schooldays.

Alistair Owens

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