Work Experience Is Top Educational Tip For New Graduates

News / August 5, 2010

Employers are looking for Graduates with work experience. To stand out from the crowd  69 per cent of graduates say it  helps with their job applications, and   34  per cent  take up volunteering to enhance their  application and chances of a getting employment.  The positive response of enticing children into university to complete their education has been a bit too successful. The growth in numbers of graduates is now the main obstacle to getting a foot on the career ladder. Forty five per cent of graduates are saying the market place has become too crowded

Graduates looking for their first job are advised that work experience is a graduate’s most valuable asset, says a new survey of 1,500 final year students by the Vodafone UK Graduate Programme. Getting experience in the workplace is now a critical feature with 69 per cent of those surveyed saying they had undertaken an internship to boost their chances of success in job applications. A further 34 per cent used volunteering to enhance their chances of finding work. To cut costs many leading employers have discontinued their graduate recruitment programmes. The resultant competition for entry level jobs has become fierce forcing graduates to take action to ensure they stand out from the crowd. See  Top tips for Graduate Job Success

“Volunteering and work experience have become critical assets which young people today can use to enhance their attraction to employers,” said Vodafone UK Graduate Manager, Nicola Fitzgerald. “Over 3,000 people applied for our 2010 graduate programme which offered 50 places. It was those people who communicated how their life experiences and personal interests added value to their academic successes who shone through both in their CVs and interviews.”

The survey comes as thousands of final year student’s graduate. At the end of a 15 year learning journey from primary school to university, granting them a degree is no guarantee of a job.  Almost a third (31 per cent) of university leavers confess concern over getting the job they want in the next six months. Just under half (45per cent) say the huge growth in the number of graduates job hunting is the main barrier to getting started on their career.
The choice of university degree is highly influential in their future career prospects – 20per cent of those studying Engineering and Arts subjects are very optimistic about securing work after graduation. But 42 per cent of those studying Law and Business degrees remain gloomy about life after university  believing a more vocational course would have made a significant difference to their job prospects.

Vodaphone developed the graduate programme to invest in the future of the company by bringing fresh talent into the organisation to support cultural change. Vodafone is giving 50 graduates the opportunity to shine and become future leaders.   Applications open for the 2011 Vodafone Graduate Programme in November this year.  Further details can be seen at:

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