US Education Department Could Wait For Cash

News / December 9, 2014

The budget cutbacks that have occurred in many UK government departments, including the department for education, have had considerable impact on their performance. Teachers are concerned as to how they and their charges will continue to thrive, but this is nothing compared to the situation in the USA. On December 11th the stop gap measures thrashed out in congress earlier this year are set to expire.

The schools budget in the USA is understandably vast. An example of a project in the budget of $14.4million set aside for schools with low-income families. All this is at risk whilst the funding issues and future resolve is thrashed out in Congress. Whilst many do not believe there will be a fundamental change to the content, and the current budgets will therefore be continued more or less as the current plan there could be an impasse similar to last time when the sparring political parties across the divide seek to make political gain.

A further option is know as the Omnibus. This would result in the overall continuation of the US budget level of expenditure but leave the door open to policy pundits and lawmakers to bid for a larger share of the central budget.

The US Department of Education would need then to bid for to fund their educational programmes. This could involve across the isle interparty debate which could end up stalling many educational policies that will be subsequently starved of cash.


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