To Learn Maths You Need Essential Handwriting Skills

News / August 12, 2011

The advance of technology in teaching resources would at first glance have cast handwriting skills to the waste bin. Keyboards, touch pads and stylus operate electronic equipment at the slightest touch. So why on earth do we still need to teach children how to write. Surely the relevance of theĀ  technique has gone in this digital learning games age?

Teachers have long been pushed to adopt technology in the classroom and children are immersed in digital input, in and outside the school; how many do not own a mobile cell phone? Yet handwriting is one of the most complex skills children will learn. Both fine and gross motor skills are involved and the learning process will involve around 3000 nerve endings connected to the brain. Research has proven handwriting to be essential for children to learn shapes, letters and improve expression. At a leading school handwriting skills have also been linked to improved skill in maths. Read more from Juliann Talkington

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