The tidal ebb and flow of educational changes.

News / April 1, 2006

As a television viewer, perhaps you’ve noticed the current spate of documentaries on the educational process. Click on the Education Articles link to access the key UK press that report on the tidal ebb and flow of educational changes. If you are concerned there are ways of overcoming some of the issues, and you may not have to resort to moving house to get the right grades for your child.

You can make a difference to support your child in other ways. Pitching in with the teacher, you can be steered to providing that extra help that will help your child to catch up – or move ahead of the class. Just as an athlete trains to tone the mind and body well after the coach has gone home, it is possible to continue to train educationally after the teacher has gone home. Research in the USA has indicated the potential for a 20 point improvement in IQ of children that continue to “train” at home after school.

The teacher is probably one of the hardest working people you will ever get to meet. He or she is dealing with a minefield of educational processes, and is steering your child along with 30 others to succeed. But the extra effort that you instigate can achieve every athlete’s dream; not necessarily to become world champion but to continually achieve the PB – personal best.

Keen2learn aims to provide you with an ever expanding selection of the tools you will need. They induce a sense of enjoyment and fun, and can help you reap the rewards of a closer link to your child’s education – and the achievement of a personal best.

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