The house built on sand?

News / October 15, 2005

One of the greatest concerns about the role that education has to play is that it takes a generation to see if any new approach has worked or not. This time delay can have far reaching consequences if the policy was at all suspect. Even now debate centres on the overall achievement in Maths and English at GCSE level. And yet these core subjects were a fundamental element of all the 4 Key Stages introduced with the 1988 Education Act.

Thus an entire generation has passed through the system without sustained improvement in this the bedrock of education. It is perhaps ironic that whilst the rest of the world is waking up to the role that English has to play in the fortunes of the future, much fuelled perhaps by the extend of Internet usage, in the UK we are seeing a continuing underachievement.

Perhaps we need to reflect on the proverb which compares the strength of the house built on sand to the one built on rock. The foundations play a major role in the continuing strength of the structure, accommodating future extensions.

At keen2learn we recognise the essential role that can be played by the parent or guardian in underpinning the education process of a child. Your continuing presence throughout the schooling process generates a huge element of additional stability that can be used to a significant advantage. Whilst the teacher is the instigator of the education process, think about the benefits that emerge with the practise makes perfect routine. Can this be best achieved at school or at home? Can the teacher be expected to provide this level of concentration when he or she has to also commit to 35 other children and several other classes?

It is not easy at home either. To supplement the process at home requires a new level of discipline to be introduced. Dedicated time and indeed the right environment have to be established. Not a great deal of point attempting to support your child on the intricacies of the English language or the Isosceles triangle if you are competing with Spiderman on a DVD in the background.

But if you persevere you will both see the rewards that this level of supplemental education can achieve. And now you can select the very same products that are used at school to help you both achieve the level of attainment that can perhaps lead to greater things.

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