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WOW  – That was clever and incredibly easy!
I have been  buying things for a small school in Phuket to help them teach and NO ONE has been as easy as you. Thank You!

Leanne Jumabhoy


Rachel Elnaugh

“What a fabulous site! With four young children brings it home to me how much money is wasted on

plastic junk; Keen2Learn educational toys make far more valuable, longer lasting gifts and a real

investment in my children’s learning. I wish I had known about you earlier!”

Rachel Elnaugh, Entrepreneur

Simon Woodroffe

“What a great idea…the fastest way to make a difference for your children.”

Simon Woodroffe OBE, Founder of Yo! Sushi and YoTel!

_______________________________________________________________________ Quentin Wilson

“Keen2learn have some cracking educational games and educational toys. And they’re absolutely right – homework that feels like fun will always be remembered far longer than the stuff that feels like a chore. This is learning through joy and enthusiasm”.

Quentin Willson, Broadcaster


“The order arrived successfully and is greatly appreciated. The items are wonderful and the Year 8 lesson went a treat! I used the items again today. The factor frenzy game was great with my alternative curriculum group and so was also successful.

Many thanks for your help. I will be sure to pass your website details onto other members of the mathematics department.”

Adele Searle. Primary School Teacher & keen2learn customer.


“As an ex-pat living in Australia with a bunch of pre-teenage nephews and nieces back in the UK, your site gives me a wealth of ideas for buying them genuinely worthwhile presents. I was particularly impressed with the Bunja maths game

Richard Castle, Director, Same Page Pty Ltd & keen2learn Customer.


“The mobilisation of parents in their child’s achievement at school holds huge potential. Keen2learn combines the skill of teachers with the capacity of parents to enhance the competence of their child. Reinforcing learning at home in a fun and enjoyable way can reap dividends for the child, parent and school. It also initiates the desire to acquire knowledge on a continuing life-time basis for both child and parent. What better gift can a parent give their child than the skills to improve their chances in a competitive world. ”

Tristan Wilkinson. Director for the Public Sector, Intel Corporation


“May I congratulate you on an excellent product range and a very helpful, thoughtful and important website. As a former Chief Executive of B&Q – with over 40,000 employees – I am especially aware, from an economic point of view, of the pressing need to improve our educational standards and motivation. This is particularly true in the context of the fierce competition the next generation will have to meet from the fast growing economies in Asia.

I established B&Q’s businesses in China and Taiwan and witnessed at first hand how much people there value education and how much time and effort parents put into creating and supporting a thirst for knowledge in their children. I hope your site will help and encourage those parents here who wish to take a more proactive approach to assist their children’s progress. Good luck to you.”

Bill Whiting. Chief Executive, B&Q (retd)


“It was great being able to help my son again – something I have missed since he went to school. The educational games helped me give my 7 year old son some great help at home in a number of areas where his teacher told me he is behind at school. I thought I had to be a teacher to do this but the products on your site are maths games that we found to be real fun. I’ll certainly be visiting your site again as well as looking for Christmas and Birthday present ideas for my nephews and niece.”

The Lindsay Family. Sydney, Australia


“The future success of Schools will be greatly enhanced by the involvement of parents. Children love practical projects gaining many hours of enjoyment, a feeling of achievement and satisfaction from applying their practical skills and knowledge.

I am delighted to see Keen2learn providing a superb range of English games for children’s use outside normal school time. The work of keen2learn will create a paradigm shift to link the work of Teachers with Parent Teacher Associations, After School Groups and Parents at home.

I am sure many children and parents will find keen2learn a very rewarding pleasure.”

Trevor Helm, Educational Industry Specialist.


“As a primary school teacher I love the keen2learn website especially the science games. They are particularly innovative because they directly link into the National Curriculum, allowing you to select the appropriate material for the development of a given child.

In today’s large class sizes or even in small rural schools with mixed age groups, differentiation is the buzz-word, but with keen2learn you can choose the products best suited to any child, irrespective of their age or key-stage, allowing them to play ‘catch-up’ or to extend the more gifted child”.

Sarah Woodwards, Teacher, parent & keen2learn customer.


“As a teacher of year 1 and 2 children, I consider the role of parents to be vital in the education of their children. There have been many changes to the education system over recent years, and parents are unsure about how their children are being taught in school, and want to identify the best ways they could provide additional support and encouragement.

There is unfortunately, very limited additional time that teachers can find to spend with individual parents to meet this demand. The development of an informative website such as ‘keen2learn’ offers a very valuable ICT games resource. Parents will be provide extra support for their children in areas where weakness has been identified and encourage further development in areas which have proved to be of particular interest or strength.

The keen2learn website is well laid out, easy to understand at all levels, and parents will have no trouble at all to navigate around the information access points”.

Andrew Stenton, Primary School Teacher.

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