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News / December 20, 2005

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Boosting the school learning process at home.

Remember those early years when you spent time at home playing educational games with your child ? Learning was fun and  reading, writing, talking and listening developed easily especially as you were able to easily repeat the games whilst they learned. The key to success was your involvement in the  enjoyment of the game.

Repetition is the key. Practice helps learning, and if you enjoy the process using educational games and toys so much the better. So what happens when your child goes to school? The 1:1 relationship changes to become 1 in a class of 30 in primary school, but you can still play a huge part in the schooling process.
mother and daughter playing

The more chances your child has to enjoy lessons, the better. By complementing the schooling process at home using the same teaching resources used in school you will help your child’s understanding, confidence and their onwards progression at school. It also lets you participate and see how your child is actually progressing rather than waiting for the teacher to tell you at the end of term.

K2 Learning Mountain

The K2 Learning Mountain diagram shows the huge advantage  gained from “Practise doing” that leads to 75% of learning retention. Just think how this will pay dividends at school. Being able to go over lessons at home using the keen2learn educational games  means your child can still  have a 1:1 relationship with you.  One hour fun practice at home compared to maybe 10 minutes shared time at school?

The process can continue throughout primary school – but it becomes even more important at secondary level. The biggest drop off in performance can happen when a child goes to secondary school. The new environment, being taught by 15 different teachers  and peer pressure all take their toll. The opportunity to continue to help at home is even more important.


  • Help them understand the lessons at school – when they didn’t want to put their hand up in class
  • Get your parents to enjoy helping you practise lessons at home (not just homework)
  • Practise makes perfect, how else did you get to be so quick at sending text messages?
  • Get to enjoy your lessons in Maths / History / English / Science / Geography / ICT / Design and Technology / Citizenship
  • Hit the SAT’s, 11+ and GCSE’s for six ! – by the way we also do sports training DVD’s which will show what we mean!

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