Teachers Strike Has Unfortunate Educational Consequences.

News / December 16, 2011

The educational mayhem, the result of the recent teachers strike on pension rights is set to continue. Teaching resources in schools will see on-going disruption as educational games are played with the DfE. As a result thousands of teachers are following a work to rule campaign. The NASUWT., which has 250,000 teacher members, say the protest will continue indefinitely.  Classes could be without their teacher as school staff claim their 10 per cent allocation of a non-teaching time for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA).  Reports to parents and running after school clubs and revision classes could suffer badly.

The first strike for years will test the resilience and management skills of head teachers.  Coupled to further cuts in expenditure this could be a novel experience for the majority of heads.  And has a sting in its tail.  The deterioration in moral and attitude in school could cause repercussions in the exam achievement of its students.  This could reflect badly in the school league tables unless this measure of academic achievement falls into disrepute and discarded for some years.  The recent revelations of the exam boards revealing exam questions to teachers may have spurred such a decision anyway.

The teachers union stated it has significant support amongst teachers for these actions.  We have yet to see how much support is given by the parents as they watch their children’s educational achievement decline.  Something that could materially affect them for the rest of their adult lives.

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