Teachers Nervous Of New Exams

News / July 6, 2015

Decades after the GCE was replaced the then Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove talked about replacing the GCSE with the old style GCE exams format. Now ‘A’ levels are being rehashed and critically introduced before the new style GCSE has been allowed to take shape.

There is concern of the number of changes being introduced and their fragmented and protracted timescales. Parents, teachers and pupils are confused as some siblings may end up with totally different standards of qualification even though the results, on the surface, may appear similar.

Further education and employers will need strict control on the grade of pass and the exam format taken to ensure they compare ‘eggs with eggs’. But this is the end product; teachers will be required to also operate under two standards of teaching depending which subject is being taught and to which standard.

The end result could be reoriented to the award of points carried by each exam. Thus the new ‘A’ level would carry more points than the old being replaced. Although this may make the achievement slightly more relevant it still fails to resolve much of the confusion the Department for Education have lumbered the teaching profession with and made our children perplexed with the curriculum. Maybe it is all a ploy to confuse the OECD educational standards matrix and improve the UK’s standing in the leagues tables.

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