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Information on Home Access “Free Laptops for School Children” Scheme

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Probably one of the greatest boosts to children’s learning is the help they can get at home. Playing educational games at home with parents  and closer links to the school can help  improve achievement  in class by two grades. The new Home Access scheme announced in January 2010  by the Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF) opens the door for poorer families through a grant to buy  a laptop and broadband access. The scheme  links  families on-line to the school where parents can monitor progress and get advice from teachers where children would benefit from extra help at home.

We are asked frequently for details of the scheme, and have reproduced the following guidelines from Becta. The list is growing so we have now grouped the information into two categories: Parents,  and Schools and Local Education Authorities. There a number of overlaps so take a look at both lists to see you have all the information you need.


  1. Home Access Introduction
  2. Home Access Something for Everyone
  3. Home Access making it easier for everyone to learn
  4. Home Access Technology Software
  5. Home Access Eligibility Criteria Updated 01/02/10
  6. Home Access Packages
  7. Home Access Looked After Children
  8. Home Access e-safety

Schools and LEA

  1. Home Access Info for Schools
  2. Home Access Background to the Programme
  3. Home Access Information For School Governors
  4. Home Access Information for Sencos
  5. Home Access Overview for School Business Managers
  6. Home Access FAQ’s for LEA
  7. Home Access Purchase Schemes via LEA or School
  8. Home Access Aggregation for Schools
  9. Home Access Info for Teachers

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