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A Brief History Of Ex Prime Ministers

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The general election to be held tomorrow could, should and might move the UK forward. The pressure of the hustings is also a fight for a  job for many current Members of Parliament and prospective candidates. Children  can learn a lot from the exercise and will be either mesmerised or bored by the whole event. Ironically the Prime Minister has more  to loose if he wins and Gordon Brown should be consoled by the following facts:

Gordon Brown inherited all the problems  left behind by Tony Blair, who being  replaced exploited his connections, completed lecture tours and went on  to become a millionaire.

Tony Blair inherited all the problems left behind by John Major, who being  replaced exploited his connections, completed lecture tours and went on  to become a millionaire.

John Major inherited all the problems left behind by Margaret Thatcher, who being  replaced exploited her connections, completed lecture tours, went on to become a millionaire and a Baroness.

The worst thing for Gordon is he is retained which could cost him a fortune.

Governemnt to Give Free Laptop to Help Children Improve Grades

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

The government are to give a free laptop computer to 270,000 low income families with school aged children. The idea, part of a £300m investment programme, is to give low income children  access to broadband and computer based learning .

Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, said computer teaching resources were now as “essential” as books or pens yet a million youngsters had no internet access at home. Research had found a home computer could boost a pupil’s results in one subject at GCSE by two grades, he said.

Gordon Brown said  “That is why we have said that from 2010 all secondary schools – and from 2012 all primary schools – will guarantee reporting online to parents,” he said. “So the mother who’s worried about her son struggling with his reading can find out more about how she can help, or the dad who works long hours and can’t make a parents’ evening can keep in touch with his daughter’s progress, at whatever time of the day or night that he’s free.”

”It will mean all families can come together, learn together and reap the rewards together” he added – something that we at keen2learn have saying  for some time! Read more… Daily Telegraph

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