Singapore Opens New International On Line Academy

News / March 19, 2015

Our educational system is on lock down until post the general election, a point at which when we can look forward to more trauma concerning the international content of the curriculum. The continued abandonment of the international GCSE leaves us vulnerable in the world stage. The recent announcement by Denmark, who are entering an educational arrangement with Vietnam, is joined by a significant international flavour to education in Singapore. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and International Enterprise (IE) Singapore launched the ICC Academy a ground-breaking educational initiative.

The academy is aims to provide international trade through the education of a talent pool that will have a global reach. Key to the formation of the academy is training will be online allowing unprecedented access that could extend overseas. Courses will be supported with content from subject specialists worldwide.

The faculties of the ICC will be extended in time will commence with courses in banking. Over 600 specialists in 110 countries have so far supported the the banking content of the programme. Currently there are 70 courses,  two of which culminate in a global certificate in trade finance.

As the academy extends it is intended the course curricula will extend to include content in international law and anti corruption. Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry Lim Hng Kiang said “The establishment of the global headquarters of the ICC Academy in Singapore marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between Singapore and the ICC.”



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