Secondary School Children Maths Ability Fails to Improve

News / September 26, 2012

The ability of secondary school children in maths has been static for the last 30 years. Recent research shows the standard has bumped up and down with the ability of children improving in some areas whilst declining in others. Expertise in algebra remains unchanged, core maths showed an improvement and basic maths showed a decline.

Over 7,000 secondary school children were selected by King’s College London, Durham University and the Department for Education. Whilst GCSE results in maths appeared to suggest an improvement the results of the survey, which matched the ability of childrenĀ  with tests set in 1970. Professor Jeremy Hodgen of King’s College saidĀ  the results indicateĀ  a serious problem in maths education which has failed to attain fewer changes than might have been expected.

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