Schoolchildren Adopt Stress From Parents

News / June 9, 2015

Now most educational exams are over we can talk about how parents can influence their child’s reaction without too much recrimination.

Family life has its pressure points no more so than during the schooling journey. Selecting the right school, ensuring homework is completed and assessing performance during term time applies pressure to parents and school children. What is not readily known is just how much the stress surrounding parents can be adopted by the child.

At first glance it could be assumed that stress is hereditary but research has indicated a link between a state of mind known as neuroticism can frequently lead to negative thought patterns in parents and adolescent children. This implies that children can learn to be anxious from parents behaviour. But equally parents can become anxious from the awareness of their child’s behaviour and concerns.

Nothing new here perhaps, the bond between parent and child has led to many an anxious moment being shared which has created levels of concern for both parties. What is new is the process recommended to deal with the situation, or is it? The research suggests a crucial role to enhance the physical and mental state of parent and child is to spend more time doing activities as a family. The irony here is the anxiety created when this does not go to plan. Teenagers are notorious for displaying a rebellious nature; it’s part of growing up and we¬† all know that a solid family life, and the secure bond this can create is worth striving for, if only to remove the pre-exam stress so children can excel and leave home!

You can access the full report published in the American Journal Of Psychiatry






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