School Green Energy Project Supports Science Education and Income

News / August 4, 2011

One of the best forms of science teaching resource in renewable energy is the hands on practical experiment. Providing the essential practice function that generates learning retention it is good to learn of another school  combining learning with generating electricity and earning cash for the school.

A 300-foot wind generator is to be installed at a Bay Path Technical High school in the USA. This will generate electricity to power the 1500 pupil school and importantly earn income for the school by feeding the grid during low consumption periods by the High school such as school holidays and weekends.

No only is the facility a practical form of green renewable energy setting a good example to students it is to be joined by a 30-foot wind turbine that will be used for practical science and STEM experiments. Built alongside the green energy house at the school the 30-foot, 2.4 kilowatt turbine will be used to power educational programmes in green energy and join the existing geothermal, solar voltaic and solar thermal facilities.

Understanding the critical role of green energy for the future is a vital element of the curriculum. Inspiring students with the opportunity to see the practical application of renewable energy is a fantastic way to generate enthusiasm in science and an income for the school.

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