School A Level Exams Loose Support From Educational Lobby.

News / September 30, 2010

The over manipulation of the A level school exams have been criticised by the Master Of Wellington College. Anthony Sheldon says they now “fail students, teachers, universities and employers.”  But they make good money for the examination boards.

These once world class examinations served as the bench mark that all secondary pupils strove for. But they have decayed through manipulation and an overemphasis of their worth to become almost a junk qualification. Many leading industrialists have cited that they do not represent the qualities needed in business leaving children ill prepared for employment. Equally universities have stated they do not adequately prepare children for degree courses. Sir Terry Leavy and  Sir Stuart Rose said recently that primary and secondary schooling was failing to provide children with some of the basic skills to be employable.

If the curriculum and the exams are at fault we cannot carry on letting children fall off the end of the conveyor belt in this way. Anthony Sheldon states that ” David Cameron and Michael Gove must be brave. Tinkering around with the system is futile.” He added Tony Blair had the right idea by promoting the International Baccalaureate as the natural successor to AS level and A level.  Something we at keen2learn have long supported.

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