Questions In Children's Maths Game Leads To Interactive Story

News / January 21, 2010

Bunja Maths Game“Warning, this toy can seriously improve your maths”. Although aimed at ages six to 11, my maths was in need of some polishing up, and Bunja was more than happy to oblige. Bunja is a compact nugget of maths knowledge, its purple body housing five bright yellow buttons and a central speaker. A press of the power button and Bunja springs to life, a firm but fair male voice who sounds like he’s auditioning for the nest Tom Tom Sat Nav, asking the first maths conundrum. (A review of Bunja by Josh Welensky).

Things start off nice and easy, “What’s 1 + 3?” But Bunja’s 100 adaptive maths levels meant that I soon ran out of fingers to count on. Like a six-year-old -kid, I don’t have the longest attention span – so I was intrigued by the interactive adventure you’re treated to after answering five questions correctly. Your goal is to help Sam, a vividly narrated character who’s lost in the Borneo rainforest after a plane crash. I was genuinely gripped by Sam’s plight, determined to save him from the raging torrents, scary camp guards and fearsome guerrillas by pressing “A”, “B” or “C” to choose his next move.

Bunja is disguised learning at its very best. Support­ing up to ten players, a built-in report card sys­tem,  80 interactive adventures and 100 adaptive maths levels, it’s going to keep your little one adding, subtracting and multiplying  for many hours to come as well. At just over £20, that’s a lot of maths for your money. I was particularly improved by its simplicity and the rather addictive interactive story.

Bunja is available from keen2learn at a special 20 % off price while stocks last.

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