PSHE Educational Games Added To Keen2learn

News / October 21, 2009

Personal, Social and Health Education educational games for the classroom and home have been added to the Keen2learn range. “We’ve had great success with our original selection of self esteem games, and are really pleased to be able to extend it” said Alistair Owens MD at

Going to a new school or moving up to a new class can knock the confidence of children. Building their self esteem, overcoming bullying can often be overlooked. These educational games are used in class as a teaching resource but have equal application at home to help parents explore the feeling and wishes of their children.

The new range includes self esteem, bullying, feelings and emotions, social awareness, health and nutrition. A great way to explore and extend children’s awareness and social interaction. The games are used as a teaching resource in the classroom have equal application as a game at home. Playing the game with  children can give parents a greater insight into issues which can be affecting their children who often suffer in silence.

Emotion Balls   PE00002

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