Preschool Vital For Children Lacking Home Educational Support

News / December 18, 2015

A recent study revealed preschool education has a material benefit to children that lack education stimulation at home.

Perhaps an obvious conclusion to the study; preschool learning must by rights be better that nothing at all, which appears to be the control element of the research. Often the choice is not that simple. Many parents of preschool children have returned to work to help finance the family, and a significant chunk of that income would then be consumed by preschool costs. The lack of educational input back at home is a combination of an assumption the preschool activity is handling this crucial activity; the parents are working or too tired.

This conundrum does not dispel the truth though; that foundation learning is vital to influence the enjoyment and learning capacity of children. The good news is that investment of time in this early learning programme lasts for many years. Children who received educational stimulation from their parents, preschool or a combination of both are more likely to achieve better A-level results.

Crucial to the enjoyment and stimulation of young children are learning through educational games. The repetitive nature of many early learning games boosts understanding as well as confidence by allowing the child to recall previously learnt facts – or rules of the game. This approach increases the level of comprehension in numeracy and literacy through enjoyable learning rather than pure rote.

The downside for parents is the need to select the ideal game. Reviewing educational games websites that are tied in with the national curriculum key stages ensure that the learning process follows the guidelines and structure of learning a child will gain in primary school. Look out for information on key stages and the structure of the game is fundamentally suited to a child’s learning and not a piece of plastic fun that lasts all of five minutes.



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