One Million Kids On Educational Scrap Heap

News / November 17, 2011

The end of the 10 year educational journey for many children now seems to end in a growing scrap heap. Shocking times indeed emphasised by our young population achieving the unenviable milestone of one million unemployed. The incentive to learn and aspire to a career once the target of us all in school has taken a hit. The possibility that the market will change by the time our children leave school is extremely fragile. Forecasts which imply the economic recovery will take five to 10 years to achieve means a generation of our children will drop off the end of the conveyor belt into the scrap skip.

It doesn’t get any better for graduates. Not withstanding the average student debt which the majority are saddled with on graduation, now students with a good degree are taking jobs well below their credible talent. This has two significant disadvantages; one is a waste of potential for the graduate, the other is loss of the job to a better suited school leaver. Let us hope tat the government spotsĀ  the strategic importance of getting young people into employment. It gives purpose to their education and we desperately need them to acquire the skills to ultimately succeed the current workforce.

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