Ofsted Reveals School Policies Collapse In North

News / December 1, 2015

Sir Michael Wilshaw, Ofsted’s chief inspector is man who does not mince his words. His latest statement will give concern to many parents of school aged children in key stage 1-5. But there is a helping hand in the educational learning process that parents can give at home.

Whereas infant, primary and secondary schools in London have seen a transformation in standards equivalent schools in the north collectively are amongst the worst performing areas in the country. Sir Michael says most of this is down to a lack of political resolve in the north.

This is a long term concern. No parent of a child starting foundation learning wants to hear that their child’s prospects could be stymied, especially in the north and especially at secondary level. It is a proven fact that children who struggle in foundation and primary school have an almost insurmountable problem when they transfer to secondary school. A good understanding in numeracy and literacy are essential to help children progress.

OFSTED have revealed some 400,000 children are stuck in poor secondary schools that appear to have abandoned by the system. Already the CBI in the north are concerned over the lack of graduates with degrees in STEM; science, technical, engineering and maths that are required to support the northern powerhouse concept.

In addition to the poor level of local policy support, there is a national concern over the level of existing and required standards of teaching.

All is not lost. Although this situation is going to take a government – comprising hugely of alumni from just one school, Eton, some time to to recognise that all is far from were it should be, now more than ever parents need to step up to the plate and pitch in. Around seventy five per cent of all learning is achieved through practice. There is nothing more enjoyable than to join in helping a child to practice what has been learned in the classroom by playing educational games at home. Not only does it give the parent an insight to the learning achievement of the child but they will complete the essential practice routine that is often difficult to achieve in the classroom.

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