New Educational Era Starts

News / August 21, 2016

A new educational chapter is about to begin. The start of the educational year is imminent, along with the opportunities and frustrations that will emerge. We must hope the outcome will be positive.

The change of the Educational Secretary of State for Education follows an all too familiar sequence. On average they last for around 18 months, Nicky Morgan lasted exactly one year.

Justine Greening was appointed Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities on 14 July 2016. Her appointment, we hope, was made more on merit rather than political manoeuvres. Her previous appointments, being in the treasury, transport and international development may have given her a good grounding in government but she will be a novice in the role of educational policy.

The common mistake of previous Secretary’s of State for Education is their predilection to change for change sake. Feeling they must make their mark has seen a range of failed educational initiatives launched will little or no interaction with the teaching profession. Let us hope Justine Greening has the ability to analyse what is needed before developing a workable solution with the profession before its launch.

On a positive note, ironically education was generally one area that did not attract interference from the EU. Thus Brexit should not have any material effect on our educational policy, apart from funding issues created by activities in other government departments. As we slowly pull away from the EU the time to ensure we produce generations of properly educated children is nigh. With that we wish Justine Greening every ounce of good luck; take your time and avoid faddish initiatives. Whatever you do make sure you develop ideas that work with the teachers and not against them. Too many children have had their chances of success diminished by demoralised teachers.


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