Maths Games As Exam Proves Sums Don't Always Add Up.

News / June 3, 2011

It had to happen, the maths exam question that was impossible to answer. Despite the most effective teaching resources in our schools if you are supplied with a question that carries significant marks which is incorrect and missing some vital details you are sunk.

But this is not the full answer, sorry, because the average student taking an AS exam is generally on edge. To find you can’t answer the question can have give you a huge psychological punch. Maybe the candidates should have spotted the error quickly but I guess many would have taken a knock to their confidence before realising their failure was due to an exam mistake.

Around 7,000 exam candidates are involved. Crucially these results could mean a make or break decision at the university of their choice. At the moment the OCR who set the paper are investigating. ” Because we have been alerted to this so early, we are able to take this error in account when marking the papers” said a spokesman from OCR. Does that mean those attempting the question get full marks and those who gave up don’t? How will they take the time lost into account. Maybe even the reassessment won’t add up. Sorry again.


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