News / January 26, 2006

I struggled at school because I very rarely had the courage to put up my hand and ask the question….I didn’t want my peers to know I didn’t get it, or to become the centre of attention; or suffer the embarrassment of being the only one who was struggling. But in reality I didn’t put my hand because I had no means of judging just how things would pan out from my question. Would I still fail to understand and be subjected to an element of class ridicule? No, best I kept my problem to myself and struggle on.

At home there was the usual level of support that most children could expect from caring parents. But the real issue was the practicality of asking my parents to explain an issue that was emerging at school, without them be able to see the practical nature of the problem, and thereby offer some additional support and guidance.

Both parents were intelligent and I always felt this was a huge untapped resource -if only I could explain the nature of the problem, get them to see the tactile nature of the issue in the same manner that I was being taught at school. This led me to recognise later in life the significant supplemental role that a parent can play in supporting their child schooling if the parent had the practical access to the same teaching aids and products.

That was the Eureka moment that created keen2learn. Now it is possible to access the very same products that are used at school. The opportunity for a parent, grandparent, nanny, uncle or aunt to support the education of a child is a reality.

Indexed in age, subject and Key Stage order allows purchase on line across an extensive range of products that support the national curriculum. Helping both the child and parent to perhaps develop a new mutually rewarding interface, and the realisation that we all have a basic teaching ability, we have already proved it to a extent; after all we are parents aren’t we?

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