Keen2learn Top 10 Educational Games For October 09

News / October 30, 2009

Many people ask us what are the favourite educational games, toys and puzzles on They change a round a bit as new products are released and classes move onto a new part of the curriculum. We thought we would introduce a top 10 list to let you know each month. The list is a measure of all sales and includes what both teachers and parents are buying to support the National Curriculum.

1.    Crystal Rain Forest: This firm favourite uses maths skills and logo programming language to help save the planet. A firm favourite in the class and now available to also play at home.

2.    Alphabet frieze: One for the early learners this great wall frieze is the ideal decoration for the classroom and bedroom wall.

3.    Spelling Board Games. Nobody wants to spell – unless it is part of this popular English games pack.

4.   Bunja: This maths game is based on MP3 technology provides hours of fun and is small enough to fir in a pocket when travelling around.

5.   Feel Good Friends: Parents and teachers have found this game developed to boost the self esteem in children is great fun for anyone to play.

6.   Early Learning Songs: Rhyme and alliteration. Children love playing with words that sound the same. These songs develop their awareness of rhyme and alliteration with repeating words and sounds.

7.   Hand counting puzzle: Learning  to count with this colourful wooden puzzle. Suitable for ages three to five years.

8.    Melody Mix: A great little set. Complete with 10 musical instruments including a xylophone, drum, tubular chimes, triangle, cymbal, bells, maracas, castanet, double guiro, a pair of rhythm sticks, 2 strikers and 1 scraper.

9.    Geopolitical Inflatable Globe: This 24″ Inflatable World Globe includes country capitals, important cities, time zones and important geographic features. Great for school and home use!

10.   Geniass: Revision Game: The unique and exceptional educational revision resource in the form of a board game. It is great fun to play, promotes personalised learning and improves exam grades at Key Stages 3 & 4. Geniass was described in the Times Educational Supplement as an “inspiring game” and was short listed for the Science Museum’s Toy and Game of the Year Award. Parents and teachers alike have described it as a “brilliant idea” that is “fantastic fun”. The best invention since the calculator!

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