Keen2learn Promotes Renewable Energy Fuel Cells To Schools

News / March 14, 2012

We were able to combine Climate Week with Science Week by promoting renewable energy teaching resources to secondary schools in Sheffield. The lectures entitled “How to store Sunlight” were developed to get children in secondary school science lessons¬† to think about renewable energy; its beneficial uses and equally important how renewable energy can be stored. Using hydrogen as the storage media the children were introduced to the concept of storing sources of renewable energy for future use. The hydrogen fuel cell science teaching resources were used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system and to get children thinking about energy of the future. As part of the STEM curriculum renewable energy has a relevance in chemistry ( electrolysis to produce hydrogen) physics ( energy conversion)¬† biology (algae to produce hydrogen) and design and technology ( engineering of fuel cells). The demonstration of a model hydrogen fuel cell being used to power a model car showed the children the instant conversion of energy to great effect.

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