Keen2learn Boosts STEM Learning Resources

News / December 14, 2010

Teaching resources focusing on science games in renewable green energy education have recently been increased at keen2learn. Aimed at giving greater support to the STEM curriculum keen2learn’s Managing Director Alistair Owens has also been recognised as a STEM Net Ambassador.

“Renewable energy education will become increasingly more  important. It is essential children learn the implications and opportunities this area of learning holds” explained Alistair Owens. “ Green energy education is a fantastic example of  the  interlinked application of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)  curriculum.”

The cross curricular project opportunities involving hydrogen fuel cells involve chemistry, physics and maths. School projects involving renewable energy are  ideal in Design and Technology applications. And recent developments in the generation of the hydrogen, needed to power fuel cells, through bio mass algae reactions neatly adds biology to the scope of the teaching resources. Owens added “ We are shortly to expand our renewable range with a combined energy learning resource  linking wind, solar and fuel cell energy technologies.”

The keen2learn range of educational learning resources feature a number of  science games developed to let children  enjoy learning. A working model hydrogen fuel cell car involves renewable energy in action. Front of class teaching resources, demonstrating electrolysis and proton exchange in a fuel cell,  are supplied with a comprehensive manual of experiments.

Despite the political debates, which wax and wane, our fossil resources are finite and at some point they will potentially run out, cause a war – or destroy the atmosphere. Adding these social implications place further emphasis on the educational content of renewable energy and its essential place in the national curriculum.

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