Jeans For Genes Day 18th September

News / May 5, 2015

There many worthy causes that seek support from the public but this one is different. There are around 1 in 25 children in the UK who suffer from a genetic disorder. Sadly they fall into the category whereby genetic disorders are the biggest cause of death in children under 14. Clearly these children need significant support from their family who in turn benefit from the care and support services provided by external charities.


The Jeans for Genes day to be held on Friday 18th September. The idea is for adults and children to pay £2 and £1 to wear jeans to work or school for the day. The charities also promote Jeans for Genes day through point of sales merchandise featuring characters on key rings, zip pulls and badges all wearing blue jeans that allows the jeans day funding to be collected even if you can find jeans that fit you, as if…..The counter top display also feature an inbuilt coin collection box


To obtain the Jeans for Genes merchandise on a sale or return basis by schools , shops, pubs and clubs just contact They will arrange to deliver the merchandise and receive unsold items back free of charge to a freepost address. Products will be available from 15th June



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