Inflation costs parents an extra £15,000

News / March 1, 2006

Keen2Learn, 1st March 2006.

Being a parent can now cost an additional £15,000. This is the average increase value of a property within the catchment area of a good school. The frustration of many parents is the need to consider such an investment, and the consequences of a failure. The implications of the proposed amendments to the Education bill will do little to appease, and the implications of an elitist structure appearing in selected high performing schools could arguably hinder than help.

The alternative is to improve the base line at more schools, which is perhaps a long term objective and probably beyond the timeframe of the schooling career of any child. Thus, any other option to maximise the potential of a child is worth considering. Studies in the USA (Athey & Bruce at the Froebel Institute, 1990) have revealed the potential to improve a child’s IQ by up to 20 points by supplementing the schooling activity at home.

An effective role of the parent as the child’s mentor requires planning, dedication, and close liaison with the teacher. A structured approach using the right product support can benefit both the parent and child. The rewards are substantial – and potentially at a lot lower cost than moving house

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