Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Supports School STEM Projects

News / February 25, 2010

The future of the UK lies significantly  in developing  its engineering ability. Not an easy task as interest in engineering and science in school and university has fallen significantly over the years. The STEM focus is designed to whet the appetite in children and there are a number of fantastic projects on the go. Keen2learn in particular are  pleased to be associated with hydrogen fuel cell  renewal energy teaching resources and the huge possibilities of how these will help reduce climate change.

Keen2learn’s link with educational games and renewable energy  has resulted in their recent  appointment as the UK distributor for the fantastic hydrogen fuel cell teaching resources from Heliocentris of Germany. Designed and built with schools, colleges and universities in mind the range of resources are supplied with comprehensive resources, worksheets and lesson plans. With over 30 experiments,  these front of class  learning resources  and model hydrogen fuel cell car allow hands on experience for children.  Alistair Owens MD at keen2learn explained  “A real benefit of the range lies in the equipment design and documentation which  allow non science teachers to also get involved in renewable energy and hydrogen fuel cells.”

The interest in renewable energy products from keen2learn is growing rapidly in schools. The combined focus in climate change from the Copenhagen summit and STEM cross curricular projects have elevated hydrogen fuel cells, solar and wind energy as  lead applications to interest children in science and engineering.  The Heliocentris equipment developed over the last 10 years is ideal to fire their enthusiasm in an energy source for the future.

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