Headteachers and Parents Should Set The National Curriculum

News / March 21, 2015

Some sensible educational news at last – from the people at the coal face. Brian Lightman, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), is to approach the Department for Education to urge the setting up of an independent commission to ensure head  teachers and parents have a greater say in the national curriculum.

The ASCL proposals also stipulate that the national curriculum should be updated every five years in pace of the ad hoc dabbles that currently occur. This should allow teachers and schools to plan and adopt curricula that is relevant and remove the energy sink surrounding continual drip fed changes.

If we are to engender an educational programme that is relevant to the changing globular demands key members of the commission should include universities and the CBI. A five year programme will bring stability that should allow students to excel in a secure atmosphere. It should help reduce the churn rate amongst teaching staff who leave the profession due to the pressure from hitting constantly evolving targets and preparing new lesson plans.

Brian Lightman added “To achieve this requires a climate of mutual trust in which professionals are trusted to use their expertise to make the right decisions, and government is trusted to create the conditions for a world-class education system.”

The involvement of teachers heads and parents in the educational programme is something that keen2learn have been promoting for the past nine years years. Leaving the educational of our children solely to the vagaries of bureaucrats and politicians has proven to be a disaster. Time now to make that fundamental change to produce the quality of education that all students deserve.



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